Testimonials - Coaching

You asked good questions. Your approach was clear and you were in control. Your read of the dynamics in my work relationships was accurate and you successfully reframed toward the thing I was actually struggling with. You created an atmosphere of safety and trust in the coaching session. - Jeff, Band 2, supervising a high performer who is friends with his manager
You challenged me in a way that wasn't confrontational. You were extremely insightful in reading where I'm coming from and where my values lie. You were really in tune with where I am at. I liked your spiritual approach. - Patrick, EL2, Aboriginal man, looking for ways to influence the culture of his organisation
You're very clever, but you don't push that. Your intelligence just gives me confidence in the way you hear what I'm saying. Really professional. You were not judgmental, and you didn't have any opinions about the things I talked to you about. Your observations about where I need to go to start looking after myself were spot on. - Lucas, Community Leader, overwhelmed by ethnic community responsibilities
I want to thank you for all your coaching and support last year. You magically came at a I time I needed a boost. You helped me see all the ways I could change for a fuller life and at the end of it all I achieved what I wanted. - Samantha, Grad wanting help to define and win her "dream job"

Testimonials – Immunity Map Group Workshop

This workshop was effective in giving members of my Branch some skills they can use in the current environment (public service downsizing). I have recommended it to my SES colleagues because it allows people to work with their own responses to change in an environment that is currently unpredictable and outside our control. - Tom, Branch Head
Jacqueline is a great facilitator who made everybody feel at ease. It was a credit to her that she got people to open up in an environment where we all don't know each other that well. - Catherine, HR Manager
This workshop delivered tangible outcomes for me - I came away with some skills and tools that I can now apply to any topic. - Sandrine, high-performing EL1
You are a very confident and inspiring presenter. I really enjoyed the workshop. - Carmen, EL1
The Immunity to Change process is unusual in the change management field because of the depth of thought behind the work. Its focus on developing self-awareness as a professional skill is the most valuable aspect of this workshop. - Alex, APS6 and former school teacher
I really got a strong sense of the detriment of holding the hidden assumptions that came out through the process, and this really motivates me to change. - Bettina, APS 6, former social worker
I was pleasantly surprised to hear that others' experiences and anxieties are similar to mine. I also found the group discussions and interactions with others beneficial. - Anonymous
I like how this work goes deeper than other goal setting exercises. It gets to the individuals and personal depth of what drives people. - Anonymous

Testimonials – Peer Coaching Circles

Jacqueline is an astute and refined listener. She is highly reflective, generous and sensitive to whatever issue is brought to light. She is very skilled at deepening, questioning and clarifying an issue. Her profound love and connection to people forms the basis for a relationship of mutual trust, and a platform of authority which allows her to engage in the way she does. - Lila, Middle Manager, Australian Public Service
Jacqueline's coaching style is transparent, inclusive and empowering. She shows her hand and signals what she is doing and why, so you feel supported. She gives credit to the strengths of other women around her and encourages women to see that they have the skills inside. She gives the confidence and encour- agement to self-set goals rather than imposing those goals externally. Jacqueline gives space for others in the group to support as well as scaffolding the group to not judge or give unsought advice. By being involved in her sessions I have gained confidence, courage and clarity. I recommend her group coaching sessions highly. - L, Middle Manager, Australian Public Service

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