Peer Coaching for Women Lawyers

WHY NOW? We need more women to stay in the law - but as the 2014 National Attrition Rate Study (NARS) showed, women are still leaving legal practice in droves.
IS THIS YOU? Attrition risk factors for women in the legal profession include:
  • Poor work/life balance - juggling too much, competing priorities, lack of focus
  • Loss of meaning – a nagging sense that there has to be more to life than the treadmill you’re on
  • Imposter syndrome – living with the stress of believing someone is about to expose you as a fraud
  • Perfectionism – working towards a standard you can never meet: in every little detail
  • Lack of confidence and assertiveness, particularly in environments perceived as “masculine”
  • Stalled emotional intelligence – uncertainty about which “masculine” or “feminine” behaviours are appropriate in the context of legal practice.
WHY COACHING? Executive leadership programs help women stay in and influence their workplaces to the point where law firms are at the cutting edge – and not the tail end - of leadership culture.
METHOD: Executive coaching uses powerful questions to help you reflect on what your “inner game” is, and how it’s playing out in your work and your life. Coaching works for people who are ready to engage with change. It draws out your own genius for seeing and working through the patterns that are holding you back from what you want at work. Where coaching is delivered in-house, content is informed in consultation with your Human Resources people.
Individual coaching: is a structured series of up to seven one-hour private and confidential conversations with an executive coach exploring the topic that you would like to see progress on. If you like to work in a focused or intensive way on a topic that you are highly motivated and feel strongly about, or if you are interested in coaching method as a way of enhancing your supervision and leadership practice, individual coaching is for you.
Peer Coaching: brings together a maximum of ten people who do not work closely together, and who are at similar stages in their careers, for up to two hours on agreed topics. Peer coaching will help you progress professional goals in conversation with other women. Over ten monthly sessions, you will share strengths, learn from each other and build strategies for overcoming common challenges. You will learn peer coaching tools such as powerful questioning, empathic listening and high-impact speaking habits - in the room in real time.
OUTCOMES: Coaching consolidates high performance. One-on-one coaching empowers you to know what you want and value, to advocate for yourself and for the bigger picture, and to help create a culture at work that nourishes high performing women. Peer coaching will leave you with a circle of trusted advisers who will be available to you long after the formal coaching is complete. This kind of support is critical to sustaining and prolonging your career progression over time. When delivered in-house, peer coaching circles empower a “critical mass” of women to create a flourishing culture of leadership.
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