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Distraction is the dominant condition of 21st-century living – which impacts on your ability to focus, solve problems, and retain information. The good news? The capacity to manage your attention can be learned (or, in the case of those of us who remember black and white TV, re-learned). Bloom Mindful Awareness Training (BMAT) is a secular mind training program which responds to the mental demands of high technology work and home environments.
Evaluations show the following benefits of mindful awareness training:
  1. Increased capacity to manage attention, reduce stress and cultivate resilience;

  2. Greater wisdom from having learned to tap into, manage and transform one’s “inner game” at work;

  3. Increased productivity, performance and innovation; and

  4. Enhanced ability to engage and collaborate with work and colleagues.
Mindful awareness is a simple technique support by neuroscience and originally drawn from the Buddhist mindfulness tradition. It reduces stress in the digital age by growing the capacity to focus, strengthening the ability to sustain attention on one thing, and cultivating a “meta” awareness that will help you prioritise from choice, rather than from a state of overwhelm or busy-ness.
Bloom Mindful Awareness Training is taught by Bloom Principal, Rain (Jacqueline) Jago, who has studied Buddhist meditation, including mindfulness, since 1996. Rain (Jacqueline) continues in training in the Soto Zen school with Rev. Steve Weintraub at San Francisco Zen Center. Please contact Rain (Jacqueline) here to discuss your individual or group training needs.
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