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It's possible that New Year's Resolutions and performance reviews have more in common than any of us realised. Decades of field-oriented research by Harvard team Rob Kegan and Lisa Laskow Lahey have shown that individuals, as well as organisational culture, come with a normal human response, or "immunity" to change. This "immunity" to change explains just why we don't keep our New Years resolutions; why you have one foot on the brake and one foot on the accelerator whenever you try to make changes in your performance; and why great feedback and best intentions may not be enough to impact on the mind you are bringing to work. It also explains why change management and organisational reform are greeted with such cynicism by the very people whose buy-in is most needed to make it work.
Below are some real examples of individual and team problems which Bloom Coaching & Consulting can help you with. These examples are both unique to the people and environment they appeared in, and typical of the complex human and organisational systems which we take account of in coaching your people and teams. 
Individual and group work using Kegan and Lahey's "Immunity Map" begins by inviting each person to discover their "One Big Thing" - the thing that everyone at work knows they need to do or be differently in order to be more effective. Conversations with supervisors, direct reports and family members leads participants to a One Big Thing which becomes the focus of the immunity work. The discussion then moves on to what you would need to change in order to shift your One Big Thing - and what in your mindset, assumptions and behaviours currently limits you from engaging the change you seek?
Embarrassed? Great - because the thing is, everyone at work already knows about that one challenging work habit that impacts on your performance and your team's, and that you are becoming ready to change.
Moving through the Immunity Map, we'll learn more about the hidden motivations that would stop you from making changes on your One Big Thing, as well as the assumptions that hold (usually without even knowing it) that are keeping your One Big Thing firmly in place.
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