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We are a boutique management consultancy offering expert individual as well as group coaching. We define leadership as the capability for positive influence, and Bloom will work with you to trim the fat from your teams by building self- and peer-coaching into the culture of your organisation.
We take a bespoke approach to growing people and teams toward greater creativity and contribution using existing public service frameworks such as the APSC Work Level Standards.
Tools include the integral coaching approach developed by Integral Coaching Canada, as well as the Minds at Work (Immunity to Change) method developed at the Harvard University Graduate School of Education by Professor Rob Kegan and Professor Lisa Laskow Lahey.
We believe that workplace learning is never over, and bring a strong focus on sustained change and building a learning culture in people and teams. We measure our success by your increased productivity, and through the increased capacity of each of our clients to be leaders in their teams as coaches of themselves, their peers, and their junior and senior stakeholders.

About Jacqueline Jago BA/LLB LLM

Founder and CEO (Bloom Coaching & Consulting), Peer/Group Coaching Expert, DDO Champion

Jacqueline grows individual, team and organisational performance through specialist coaching that combines sharp diagnostic skill with a people-centred approach. From her background in law, public policy, and management she brings a complex understanding of the organisational environment in both the public and private sectors.
Jacqueline has pioneered the use of peer coaching circles in the Australian Public Service (including in the Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet) and she situates her innovative work at the intersection between peer coaching method and Kegan and Lahey's Immunity to Change approach. She also uses diagnostic tools from the Integral Coaching (Canada) approach, and has championed the DDO (Deliberately Developmental Organisation) approach in Australia, including through her writing in the Canberra Times Public Sector Informant.
In 2014 Jacqueline founded her own coaching company and was shortlisted the following year for the ACT Telstra Businesswoman of the Year award. She has coached executives from the public and private sectors and is particularly effective in working with teams led by high-performers.
Raised tri-lingual in Vanuatu until the age of six, Jacqueline also brings high order cultural competence including in working with First Nations peoples in Australia and North America. Alongside her regular coaching column for the Canberra Times' Public Sector Informant, Jacqueline's written work has appeared Women's Agenda and Coach Link, the national coaching magazine. She has been quoted in marie claire magazine on mid-career transition.
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