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In 2014, I left the Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet to start Bloom Coaching and Consulting. While I'm amazed every day by the skill, courage and professionalism in the Australian Public Sector, I wanted to see what impact I could make as an organisational coach. This was and is my burning platform: that adaptive learning (learning which surfaces things we'd rather avoid in ourselves, our teams, our organisations) has the potential to unlock some of the great organisational glitches of our time - and that specialist coaching can help deliver cultures of adaptive learning.
Fast forward to 2019 - and my vision and dream have come true. As a specialist culture consultancy, Bloom has helped create behaviour and mindset change at all levels at work, and all scales in private as well as public sector organisations. I've become an industry leader in coaching for culture change using individual and group coaching method, clarifying my ideas and vision through a nationally syndicated coaching column (Fairfax) published from 2014 - 2018. Individual coaching continues to power all my other work, and I'm grateful to the folks at Integral Coaching Canada for rigorous method, a world-class community of coaching peers, and having the grit to keep raising the standard for the profession. By connecting to what deeply matters to them, clients who work with me get results for themselves, their teams, their workplaces.
On the consulting side, I've become an experienced collaborator with other experts, as well as a business partner and "client whisperer" who loves to manage the client relationship environment while delivering value. I'm happy to facilitate, and "terrific" at it, particularly where high relational complexity is present. While life as an entrepreneur has taught me to highly prize collaboration, I'm also happy to bask and drink in the expertise of others to support ground-breaking work and leading edge co-creation.
In the larger scale, this means I help organisations innovate, collaborate and engage better with disruption.
In the wider horizon, organisations will be decisive in shaping the global future. Organisations that engage every day in adaptive learning will lead us to the future of work. Please connect today for a confidential discussion to clarify your business need. Let's set alight your organisational platform and co-create the evolving organisation.
Influences: Kegan and Lahey (Immunity to Change, Deliberately Developmental Organisation), Brene Brown (disruption and innovation), Morenian group method, Integral Change approach (Ken Wilber). I am also active in the AALI practitioner network (Australian Institute of Adaptive Leadership) and an ICF Credential holder (PCC pending).
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