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“There’s a gap between your view of yourself, and the truth of your professional behaviour. Closing it is beneath all … efforts to rescue organisational culture for the future of work.” - Rain (Jacqueline) Jago, writing in the Sydney Morning Herald

Media Release: Harvard Expert to tour Canberra as APS grapples with Culture Change

7 November 2016 - Author and culture change expert Andy Fleming wants the Australian Public Sector to wind back its “twentieth-century” focus on high-profile senior leaders, and to start linking culture change with learning at all levels in every agency.

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"Women often find their groove...after learning to make work choices based on what they love to do." - Rain (Jacqueline) Jago, Marie Claire Magazine (September 2015)
Your people and teams are grappling with twenty-first century problems that will only increase in complexity. The good news is that expert coaching is keeping pace with cognitive science, as well as modern policy and organisational challenges, and that it's possible to coach and to lead your people toward capabilities that allow them to meet and to master those challenges. With a detailed understanding of contemporary organisational culture as well as the arc of adult development, we take a broad and inclusive stance to growing your people at work.
Below are some real examples of individual and team problems which Bloom Coaching & Consulting can help you with. These examples are both unique to the people and environment they appeared in, and typical of the complex human and organisational systems which we take account of in coaching your people and teams. 
“My organisation is downsizing and the thought of all the wasted resources taken up by underperforming staff keeps me awake at night. How can I better equip my managers to coach each of their people toward better performance? ”
In a six-month team coaching program based on the Harvard-based Immunity to Change™ method, each person in a team of up to twenty people works to come up with their One Big Thing - a habit at work that they and their co-workers agree needs to change in order to improve their own performance (and the performance of the team). Supported by individual coaching sessions and at-level pre-meetings with the Executive Coach, three team workshops are held twelve weeks apart in order to build a coaching culture in which each member of the team becomes empowered to hold themselves and each other to account for sustained changes in the One Big Thing over time. This approach invites development in cognitive, emotional, intra-personal and cultural capability. It also builds peer and individual coaching skills in all team members as well as greater transparency in the whole team about individual performance: accountability and coaching are no longer the sole domain of the team leader.

Read more about Bloom Coaching & Consulting's Immunity to Change™ approach for individuals and teams.
“My executive leadership team consistently underutilises the skills of the junior staff. How do I model a leadership style that will help me stem the exodus of junior talent?”
During a six-month tailored Integral Coaching™ program, the leader and coach agree on three developmental goals that will produce sustained growth in the coachee's ability first to fully embody and then to model with assurance good delegation and consultation practice in their leadership style, and hence to work with their own direct reports and teams on leadership style.

Read more about Bloom Coaching & Consulting's Integral Coaching™ approach for individuals.
“I work in HR in a top-tier law firm, and we would like to better support the women lawyers in our practice so that more of them make it to senior management”
An intake consultation with individual clients will include a discussion of issues and possible topics, and our coach will work with each client to choose an approach from our suite of coaching options that is best adapted to her topic. Topics can include "bargaining for better work/life balance", "thriving in an adversarial environment", "being more powerfully myself at work", "growing through my immunity to change". We also work with teams to uncover their Immunity to Change toward greater diversity (including gender balance) in workplace culture. Read more about Bloom Coaching & Consulting's Executive Leadership programs for women. Bloom Coaching & Consulting specialises in leadership for women, and women lawyers are a particular area of research interest for Principal, Rain (Jacqueline) Jago (Read more about Bloom Coaching & Consulting and Rain (Jacqueline) here).
Most of our clients are in the Canberra area, however we have successfully worked with remote staff to run group workshops via videolink (through multiple simultaneous locations) and have also coached individuals via skype. Please meet some of Bloom Coaching & Consulting's satisfied clients.
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